Did Jesus resurrect only in spirit or in bodily form?

The fourth false belief that Jehovah’s Witnesses will teach is this idea that Jesus’ resurrection was more of a spiritual resurrection but not a physical resurrection that occurred in a real actual physical body. This is not consistent with what the scriptures say. On several occasions, it says that after Jesus rose from the dead he was eating food (Luke 24:30). You can’t eat food unless you have a physical body. Not only that, there were a few occasions where his disciples and some of the other females reached out to touch him, to actually take hold of his physical body. Matthew 28:9 says “And behold, Jesus met them and said ‘greetings’ and they came up and took hold of his feet and worshiped him.” If his resurrection was not a physical resurrection in a physical body, then they would not actually have been able to physically touch him. The bible says in Acts 1 that after he rose from the dead he spent 40 days on earth giving convincing proofs. During the 40 days, it says that he was seen by over 500 people at one time. If this was just a spiritual resurrection, then how is it that all 500 of these people saw some sort of ghost or had a hallucination or something like that. This claim is not consistent with the scriptures.